“If Something is Boring for Two Minutes, Try It for Four”: short works for voice and piano







Thursday, September 13,  7 p.m.

  • In a Landscape – piano
  • Dream – piano
  • Suite for Toy Piano – toy piano
  • The Wonderful Widow of Eighteen Springs – voice, piano
  • Nowth Upon Nacht – voice, piano
  • A Flower – voice
  • One- piano
  • Aria- voice

Artists: Leighanne Saltsman, Monika Haar, Melinda Faylor

In a Landscape (1948) is surely one of John Cage’s most accessible works. It was composed, together with his Suite for Toy Piano, at Black Mountain College, North Carolina in 1948. Cage was at the college to present a festival of music by Eric Satie, a composer whose influence can be heard in the meditative and hypnotic study for solo piano.

Cage wrote his Suite for Toy Piano (1948) at Black Mountain College in North Carolina for Merce Cunningham’s Diversion. Its five short movements use only nine consecutive white notes. As such it can ostensibly be played on virtually any toy piano, even one with painted black keys. One of the most charming and whimsical of his compositions, it is filled with Cagean irony and humor, as in the exaggerated dynamic extremes from sffz to ppp- difficult for a toy piano!- Margaret Leng Ten

John Cage’s Aria (1958) is a landmark score from the period when he first incorporated chance operations and indeterminate elements into his music. The singer selects 10 entirely distinguishable vocal styles, each corresponding to one color in the multihued, graph-like score. The nontraditional notation conveys potential pitches and time values, and the singer selects additional nonmusical sounds. With a text consisting of sounds and phrases in English, Italian, French, Armenian, and Russian, and with its 10-way split personality, Aria can be the ultimate parody of the opera singer.

South Oxford Space
138 S. Oxford St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
bet. Hanson Pl & Atlantic Ave
Subway: A/C to Lafayette Ave, B/Q to Atlantic Ave, G to Fulton St

$15 at the door or through Brown Paper Tickets
$60 for a Festival Pass